WPML Translations

Buttons Clone Field

  • Set Elements – Button to ‘Expert’ translation option.
  • Top level ‘Buttons’ repeater set to ‘Translate’.
  • All fields within to ‘Copy’ except…
  • ‘Button Label’ & ‘Button Link Details’ to ‘Translate’ (these fields are where you update text on the frontend, so these should be allowed to translate).
  • Set the clone field to ‘Translate’ inside other ACF blocks.



  • Set the block’s translation option to ‘Expert’
  • Set the repeater you need to target to ‘Translate’
  • Set images inside the repeater to ‘Copy’ – this keeps them the same across languages
  • Set links inside the repeater to ‘Translate’ – this allows the text to be different languages. The link field is automatically kept consistent in the translation editor.
  • Set Select Fields (Dropdowns) that need to be the same across languages e.g. any select options that affect the block settings, to ‘Don’t Translate’. This is very buggy and doesn’t work a lot of the time.