Major Release

Added Ongoing Block Library Addition to Theme

Added the Vanilla block library page to the theme, with means to expand library over time.

See here:


Minor Release

Integrated Rellax JS Parallax Library

Integrated Rellax parallax JS library.
Use the .rellax class on any element. Further refine with data-rellax-speed="10"
Use the .rellax_desktop class to remove the Rellax function on mobile. (Favourable method most probably for builds.)
Parallax effects are general parallax effects meant to be used on block elements.
By default new projects will have the parallax library set to true.


Minor Release

Integrated Ukiyo Image Parallax Library

Integrated Ukiyo image parallax JS library.
Use the .ukiyo class on img tags and wrapping div tags.
Parallax overflows are hidden with this library.
By default new projects will have the parallax library set to true.


Major Release

Integrated Lenis Smooth Scroll Library

Integrated Lenis Smooth Scroll Library. Library works on native browser scroll.
By default new projects will have the scroll library set to true.
Limitations will likely be found which will be listed in see more section.


Minor Release

Global Hover Zoom for ACF Awesome Photos function

Have integrated a global hover zoom, available for awesome_acf_responsive_image() function.
Use .hover_zoom class on wrapping image-size divs.
Available in main.css for use globally.


Minor Release

Added PHP clean() function for string ID’s

A PHP function, for use globally, to strip out all spacebar characters.
For use with strings of text. Useful for ID’s.


Minor Release

Updated global base navigation files to match new standard

Base navigation for desktop, mobile + tray have been updated to match more recent projects.
See: nw-theme/navigation


Minor Release

Added get_animated_field() function for animated text entrance

Animates headings & text letter-by-letter, using lettering.js library.
Works with: PHP Variables, ACF fields & subfields, plain strings.